Audit Aware

Your AI Audit Management Solution


Workflow and data management tools for consistency


AI powered tools to drive the audit process


Visibility across all audit activity in your organization

Audit Aware

A simple, intuitive application suite designed to manage audit cases across multiple projects and multiple audit types.

Digital Canvas

Take your data and augment it with outside intelligence, offering insights on new and existing businesses within a map display.

Case Manager

See the universe of audits being done by your organization. Easily grasp the project’s full picture and know that all audits are on track for efficient completion.

Audit Factory

Our data science backed Audit Factory™ ties pipelines to audits, resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency.

Audit Aware is built for everyone involved in the audit process. It removes the difficulty and confusion while adding accuracy and efficiency. Powered by standardized workflows, data management tools, and AI insights.

  • » Organize audit campaigns
    • » Track auditor assignments and audit contacts
      • » Provide business intelligence across the entire suite
Audit Aware - Digital Canvas Marketing Image

We take your data and then augment it with analytics and data from other sources. Digital Canvas is the premier solution used in order to understand geospatial-driven data about businesses and properties.

  • » Identify new and closed businesses
  • » Easy map visual
  • » Built for desktop and mobile
Audit Aware - Case Manager Marketing Image

Case Manager allows you to see the universe of audits being done by your organization. You can manage audits across multiple projects and assign to internal and external auditors, all while gaining visibility on progress, so you never miss a detail.

  • » Manage users and assignments
  • » Create cases for audit, review, inspection, etc.
  • » Assist auditors with scheduling, tracking, and notes
Audit Aware - Audit Factory Marketing image

Audit Factory

Audit Factory contains pipelines that turn your data into transactional insights about numerous financial reconciliations. We have even baked in an artificial intelligence tool for identifying assets with their class and cost new across multiple years.

  • » AI intelligence to help analyze your data
    • » Standardize the audit process
      • » Maximize auditor’s efficiency

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